Autoimmune Consultation

What is an Autoimmune Recovery Consultation?

This is 2 visit consult we do in an attempt to find out what is going on, and if we can help. It also is designed to give you a program to follow if we feel we can help you, after reviewing all data.

We encourage you to bring your spouse or loved one/care taker to these visits. The most successful people in our program have support. Or, I should say, do not have an antagonist in their life who opposes the direction you are taking.  At times close family members will offer additional information that can clarify some of Dr. Roney’s questions.


Healing Happens

by: Colleen F. on 05/13/2013
I first met Dr. Roney in July 2011 when I needed help to relieve some severe symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. But what gave me confidence that I’d more »

Getting My Life Back

by: Gabel K. on 10/02/2013
Dr Roney’s protocol to help patients with “fibromyalgia” not only makes sense, it works! I have done many hours of research on the subject of fibromyalgia , more »

Absolutely Fantastic Service, I will Definitely Recommend Dr. Roney

by: Sarah V. on 06/25/2014
When my husband & I met Dr. Roney, We shared with him All my concerns, I was having. Dr. Roney, addressed my issue of my Thyroid, within more »