How Did I Get This

There are many reasons a person may develop autoimmune conditions.  They may include breakdown of the immune system do to unstable blood sugars, gut infections, poor adrenal health secondary to stress, food intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivities and many others. An autoimmune disease or condition is not, according to the latest science and research, genetically passed down.  This would mean the DNA structure/code changed and then passed down to you.  Furthermore, this would mean you are born with it and there’s no way to escape it.  Scientist do not believe this to be the case.  Instead, the gene expression is passed down from generation to generation.  In short, this is called epigenetics.

     This simply means the gene expression has been passed down to you but in the “off” position.  It only turns on because of the above mentioned “stressors”, trauma, a very stressful time or situation in life, a specific traumatic and or stressful event, or even a severe illness can turn this gene expression on.  In short, it could be todays unhealthy lifestyle, trauma, an illness, etc., that could cause the gene to express itself.  Many of my patients tell me they can go back and pinpoint a specific event, illness, trauma, etc. and from that time forward have never felt the same.  I have even had women who just gave birth develop autoimmune conditions.  Yes, pregnancy can also do this.  It doesn’t always happen like this however.  Long sustained “stress” can also turn that gene expression on.  To summarize and keep it simple, STRESS in some way, shape, or form is the culprit!!!

Now you can better understand why autoimmune conditions are on the rise but more importantly you may be able to better understand how you may have developed this condition.

I would highly recommend going to the page labeled Other Wounds/Problems This Has Causedand reading about what other problems are commonly caused by your autoimmune condition.  This is very important to understand as these wounds are often some of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions I see in my office everyday.  They are also major contributors to your symptoms.

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