How Do I Get Better

     The keys involve regulating your immune pathways, and then remove the triggers that cause the immune system to over work. We first need to find out where your immune system is breaking down.  As a result, we can test IL-2 and TNF alpha (messengers that increase T-helper, Natural Killer cells, and Cytotoxic T-cells to see if you are making too many of the attackers.  We also can test IL-4 and IL-10.  If these are high, we know you are producing too many B-cells which tag the foreign invader.

Once we find where the malfunction is occurring, we then have proven, natural remedies designed to “CONTROL” these malfunctions at the exact point in the pathway.

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    You see, these pathways work very well when balanced.  Balance and synergy are the keys.  This is step one, according to the latest science, to significantly calm the attack, destruction, and inflammation.

     In addition to regulating the immune system we also need to eliminate any other triggers found to cause the immune system to over work. These include foods like gluten, soy, and dairy, leaky gut, hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, infections, and environmental toxins, to name a few. If present, and they often are, we need to fix, or eliminate, as many of these triggers as possible.

 Quick note…Infections are often a contributor to autoimmune conditions.  An infection will further cause your immune system to elevate the attack. Extreme fatigue, extreme and unexplained joint pain, muscle weakness, headaches, etc.  They will all be worse.  This response is like having a flu.  It’s the same mechanism.  We feel lousy when we have the flu because the immune system attack is creating massive inflammation, fatigue, head pain, body pain, etc.

     Once we get the immune system under control it is then time to work on the wounds that occur.  Go to Other Wounds / Problems You May Haveto read more about these very common misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions most of my autoimmune patients also have. The reality is, we may have to work on many things to get you well and reduce your symptoms. A pain med or corticosteroid will NEVER be able to do this, but I do understand the need for short term symptom relief. I am very empathetic to that need. I would rather help you correct the causes, so you don’t need these meds.

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