A Wholistic Approach To A Chronic Problem

by: Hugo C. on 05/21/2013

I have been with Dr. Roney since 2009 — I saw him for a neck issue i had for years and through his care i was able to function again — most importantly though i brought my mother to him, she is 62 years old and suffers from a lower back issue, that creates great pain as it puts pressure on her nerves that shoots down her leg, she was getting to the point where she could not stand for long periods of time, and at time could not walk. Her pain level was at a 9 and was finding it difficult to function daily. Through his genuine care and amazing staff, they were able to lower her pain level by seeing her 2 times a week. My mothers quality of life has improved immensely, and it is due to Dr. Roney’s knowledge and holistic approach. He is on the cutting edge of chiropractic care, and inspires his patience to do and feel better. We are grateful, and appreciate his team very much.


Where No One Else Could Help

by: Emma L. on 04/08/2013
I have had tremendous inflammation throughout my life and doctors always saw me as pieces and didn’t see these problems were interconnected. I have seen scores of Drs-none...read more »

Wonderful! I Love This Place

by: Linda B. on 04/29/2013
When I first started coming here I was at my wits end. I was in constant pain that no one could diagnose. I had absolutely no energy and...read more »

Life Saver!

by: Yolanda R. on 04/08/2013
From the time I started my program in June of 2012 to now, I feel 100% better! The care Ive received has been excellent. I would recommend this...read more »