I’m Not Crazy!

by: Elizabeth P. on 04/30/2014

I came across Dr. Roney’s website in desperation of seeking out what exactly was it I had. I read several books about holistic healing. The last book I read suggested I find a “Functional Medicine Doctor”. Finally, the type of doctor I was looking for surfaced. I never knew the type of doctor I needed! Doctor Roney explained everything to me about my symptoms and getting to the root of my problems. It turned out I had Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue and other fun stuff! From years of allergies, skin and stomach issues, I received results two weeks later. Much improvement followed after that! I was in such bad shape! I had hives all over, a history of eczema, digestion disorders and I was an emotional mess as well as exhausted all the time! Dr. Roney made it clear I needed to put my health first and follow his protocol to a “T”! It’s not difficult to do that when you feel like you’re crazy all the time. Other doctors wanted me to go to Therapy and learn to deal with my problems. Other doctors wanted me to take Benadryl forever. I was on and off of Prednisone and cortisone shots, it was terrible! Doctor Roney used blood and urine testing, gave me supplements to repair and rebuild and literally made me feel great! I knew I was not crazy! Thank you, Dr. Roney for being one of the most compassionate, patient, result-oriented doctors I know.


Great Results!

by: Lidia A. on 02/10/2014
I came to Dr. Roney after finding his website. I was desperate because had been seeing and Endocrinologist for the past 4 years and even though they said...read more »


by: Carol R. on 04/18/2013
I’ve been seeing Dr. Roney since he started in CA & I’ve been happy with the chiropractic treatment, as well the physical therapy treatment from Steve. Dr. R...read more »

Highly Recommended, Best Doctor/Patient Experience Ever!

by: Laureen B. on 04/19/2013
Dr. Roney has pretty much saved my life. I was caught in a downward spiral due to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr . Roney systematically healed my body...read more »